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The cold weather is upon us. Open water swimming usually gets neglected during winter, but it doesn't have to be. If you are prepared for the cooler weather, winter swimming can be just as enjoyable. Here are a few tips to keep you in the ocean, river, or lake this winter.


Wet Suits

Wet suits are the easiest way to keep warm and still train in the ocean. Standard surfing wetsuits are warm and easier to come by; however, they tend to decrease mobility and can often be too buoyant. Triathlon/ open water racing wetsuits are a great alternative. Racing wetsuits come in different ranges of mobility and buoyancy whilst still keeping you warm.


Adapting to cold temperatures can take time. If you are new to open water swimming, it may take longer to swim the distances you usually would in the pool. Take your time, building your duration in the water. When entering the water, your heart rate and breathing rate will most likely increase as you adapt to the cooler temperatures. This is normal. IT is important to give yourself time to adjust before covering distance.

Warming Back Up

Be prepared. Have warm cloaths ready near the water, not waiting in the car. Dry completely before covering back up. Heat escaped the body most easily from the feet and head. A beanie and thick socks are underrated when you can't feel your toes. Warm yourself up from the inside with a warm drink. Besides, hot chocolate is an excellent treat after any cold swim.


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