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Mastering Tumble Turns

Tumble turns, like most things in swimming, is all about the control of your body mechanics. Most swimmers make the mistake of trying to arrange themselves to turn on their front during the turn. Instead control four key components to maintain stability and maximise your speed off the wall.

TUMBLE TURNS - practice the perfect flip turn.

1. Your last stroke to the wall should finish so both your arms are by your side.

2. Move your head in a straight line tucking your chin to your chest. Your head should not change direction during the turn.

3. Your head, body and legs manoeuvre around your arms. Your arms remain pointing to the other end of the pull. You will finish your turn on your back with both feet pointing to the sky.

4. The last phase of the turn is the push-off. Keep your toes pointing to the sky whilst you rotate your body to the side. As you push off the wall your legs will follow your body. Turn onto your front during the glide to the surface.

Do not attempt to turn your body to the side during the turn.


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